Healthy Food Options



– School classes involving taking home herbs and produce, picking a recipe to share at school

– Kids’ project – come up with a title ‘Creative Kitchens’ or ‘Fun Patch’; could make it a competition

– Engage families in different ways; have a register for families

– Put a ‘wish list’ survey out to families at school


– Bank of ideas

– Promotions in media – the newspaper, Facebook page (e.g. healthy eating, recipes, exercise); sponsor for sustainability

People we could engage with:

– Families

– Communtiy

– Sponsors (e.g. nursery)

– Men’s Shed

– Healthy cooking groups

– Students from cooking classes (e.g.g TAFE, high school)

– Loaves and Fishes

– Gardeners

Task Team Update:


Healthy Lunch Order – Healthy Lunch Order Form

Contact: Lindy Stuchbery (03) 5522 1197

Would you like to be involved? Get in contact with us:

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