Our Community 

Connect Glenelg – Glenelg Shire Council Community Directory

Connect Glenelg lists contact details for a variety of clubs, societies and organisations in the shire. If you’re looking to get involved with a sport, hobby, volunteering or social event, the directory is a great place to start.



Take Off Weight Naturally Club (TOWN Club)

TOWN Clubs encourage achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through healthy lifestyles, group support and mutual encouragement. There is a local Portland branch that meets once a week.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here

A number of Portland businesses and organisations have now made breastfeeding mums feel more welcome through the local Australian Breastfeeding Association branch’s Breastfeeding Welcome Here campaign, which displays stickers at their venue to indicate they are accessible by pram, are smoke-free and are happy to have mums breastfeed there.

Eating Well 

Eat For Health

Created by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Eat For Health has easy to read posters and brochures about the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which are free to download. Resources available include the Guide to Healthy Eating; meal planner examples for children, men and women; and information on healthy eating throughout your lifespan. There is also a handy Energy Requirements Calculator.

Live Lighter

An Australian website aimed at making healthy eating and physical activity achievable and interesting. The Meal and Activity Planner (free) is a great tool to help people get started on their journey to better health.

Thinking Nutrition

A blog written by Accredited Practicing Dietitian, researcher and university lecturer Tim Crowe, which explores new ideas and current fads in nutrition and dieting. Tim’s blog is evidence-based and easy to read, which makes it a good place to start if you’ve got questions about something you’ve read in a magazine or newspaper.

Shopping and Label Reading

Eat For Health

A factsheet and PDF poster on how to understand food labels and what to look for.


Food Cents

A website with great information about eating well on a tight budget, including shopping tips, budgeting suggestions and recipes.

Healthy Catering


Healthy Together Mildura

As a part of the Victorian Government’s ‘Healthy Together Victoria’ initiative, Mildura has taken a pledge to improve the health of their community. They have many links and resources on their website, including a colourful Healthy BBQ Kit, which has great tips and suggestions.

Healthy Fundraising

The Cancer Council

Their booklet, ‘Healthy Fundraising – Ideas to Promote Health While Still Making a Profit’, has lots of ideas that allow groups to move away from sausage sizzles and chocolate drives.

Information for Parents

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The ABA is Australia’s peak breastfeeding organisation for information and support. All information is current and referenced. The website has free downloadable information, videos, local counsellor contacts, breastfeeding education class information, moderated discussion forums and more. For any questions or concerns, you can call the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800 686 268 (1800 mum2mum) for free advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The local ABA Portland group includes two breastfeeding counsellors and two community educators, who can be reached on Contact the local branch if you are interested in breastfeeding classes.

Eat For Health

Guidelines for healthy eating whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. There are also healthy eating guidelines for infants, children and teenagers. 

Go For 2 and 5

Go For 2 and 5 is an Australian campaign to encourage people to eat the recommended serves of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables per day. There is a Kid’s Only section with information and activities, as well as information for parents on serve sizes and recipes. The Fruit Facts and Vegie Facts pages explain how to choose, cook and eat different types of fruit and vegetables.

Live Lighter

A fact sheet with information for parents about whether or not they should be concerned about their child’s weight.

Parentline Victoria

Parentline offers counselling, information and other assistance on a range of parenting issues.

Portland Maternal and Child Health Services

The Portland Child and Family Complex, also known as Karreeta Peeneeyt Mara, is home to Maternal and Child Health Nurses, who specialise in the development and growth of children 0-6 years, as well as day care and kindergarten services.


Workplace Resources

Healthy Eating Advisory Service

The HEAS is a service offered by Nutrition Australia, which offers advice to early childhood services, primary and secondary schools, public hospitals and retail food outlets about providing healthy food options. They can assist with menu planning, modifying options and helping organisations meet the ‘Healthy Eating’ benchmark in the Achievement Program.

Rethink Sugary Drink

A poster on the health issues associated with consuming sugary drinks.

Guest Speakers and Other Resources

Bank of IDEAS

The online home of Peter Kenyon’s Bank of IDEAS; a treasure trove of information, resources and ideas relating to Assets Based Community Development (ABCD). Slides from presentations that Peter has delivered are on the website.


Is there something that you would like to see listed on this page? Let us know!

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